In a open aur zone you can enjoy all the facilities available, treating yourself close to nature for deep relaxation and peace.

Steam Baths

Taken insiede a Tholos shaped "thermal stove" according to an ancient ritual of purification of mind and body. 3 hours
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Whater Therapy

Variable temperatures and levels of tubs with pressured water jets to soothe the body. The effects are amazing general. 3 hours
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Knipe - Walk

In special ponds of geotermic water, hot and cold water jets massaging the lower legs. Indicated for blood pressure issues and lymphaic stagnation. 3 hours
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To tone up and firm the skin, to help wih the elimination of cellulite or simply enjoying the water jes. 3 hours
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Self - Treatments

Self - treatments with orange blossom, lemon, mud, water, salt.

Body Scrub

Fine exfoliating thalasso salt, fotr the elimination of dead cells and impurities. 3 hours
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Fresh Silt

Thermal thalasso mud for face and body, to drain, tone, purify and sothe. Also reach in minerals. 3 hours
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herbal Soap

Skin - reinvigorating to purify, exfoliate, soothe, for soft and shiny skin. 3 hours
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