In a open aur zone you can enjoy all the facilities available, treating yourself close to nature for deep relaxation and peace.

Individual wellness path: € 35,00 | time from 90' to 3 h

Steam Baths

Taken insiede a Tholos shaped "thermal stove" according to an ancient ritual of purification of mind and body.

Whater Therapy

Variable temperatures and levels of tubs with pressured water jets to soothe the body. The effects are amazing general.

Knipe - Walk

In special ponds of geotermic water, hot and cold water jets massaging the lower legs. Indicated for blood pressure issues and lymphaic stagnation.

Self - Treatments

Treatment to take care of yourself: € 20.00 | during the wellness program.

Body Scrub

Fine exfoliating thalasso salt, fotr the elimination of dead cells and impurities.

Fresh Silt

Thermal thalasso mud for face and body, to drain, tone, purify and sothe. Also reach in minerals.