Hotel Signum

Here you can regain your time and your space, the joy of living and enjoy the warmth of home to take always in your heart.

The Signum would not be such on another island
and Salina would not be the same without its seal

Like an indelible mark impressed in the earth, on the walls of pale pink lime, on the black lava beaches, on the terraces awash with boungainvillea, in the scents that fill the air... a special imprint.

A sign that instantly attracts the many travellers who came to the island: guests who become friends, looking for a refuge in which to relax, pamper themselves and bask in simple pleasure. They are greeted by welcoming faces, cosseted and entertained in the owner's genteel "salons", as well as seduced by the restaurant's unique flavours.

Because the Signum is all about being part of a world made up of simplicity, taste and wellbeing in perfect Mediterranean style.


There is a small paradise where the essence of the Mediterranean is a gift of the sea breezes, of the flavors of the land and of the smiles of those who welcome you. Here you can regain your time and your space, the joy of living and enjoy the warmth of home to take always in your heart.

Signum SPA

Magnificent lightness
placid days of relaxation

Drive yourself to the vital
breath of Salina

The scent of lemons, the beneficial power of geothermal water, natural elixirs for relaxation moments are the best treatment for body and spirit.
Our SPA is a small, cozy and secluded world. Every corner, including the lush lemon garden, you can live in freedom and peace of mind. The suggestive and Mediterranean atmosphere makes this dimension the ideal reality where you can cut your space and your time, under the rays of the sun or under the glow of the stars.

SPA Treatments


La magia curativa del Mediterraneo per il corpo e la mente

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"I listen to the territory, I follow the emotions,
for me to cook is an act of freedom"

Signum Restaurant


From the treasures of the garden to the ancient grains, from extra virgin olive oil to local fish, to the best meat, in the kitchen we keep so many little excellence made in Salina and made in Sicily. A special setting, fascinating at any time of the year, to indulge in the tasting experiences offered by chef Martina Caruso.


The Restaurant

Signum Bar

The Cellar

Great terroirs and wine stories for the best sensory experience