Hotel Signum

Here, you’ll find time and space for yourself, the joy of living and the joys of the table, and a warm, homely, heart-felt welcome.


Explore our offers, and prepare to experience the true essence of the Mediterranean. At Signum, you’ll find your own time and space, the joy of living and the joys of the table, and a warm, homely, heart-felt welcome.

The Signum wouldn’t be the same on another island,
and Salina wouldn’t be the same
without its unique sign

Like an indelible mark, imprinted on the earth, on the pale pink limestone walls, on the black lava beaches, on the terraces, covered in bougainvillea, the perfume filling the air...a sign of quality.

An emblem that instantly captures so many travellers reaching the island, guests who become friends, seeking a refuge where they can relax and treat themselves, with simple pleasures, greeted warmly, pampered, won over by the unique flavours of the kitchen.

Because Signum invites you to share in a world of simplicity, taste and wellbeing, in perfect Mediterranean style.

Signum SPA

Be guided by the
breath of
life from Salina

The perfume of lemons, the beneficial power of geothermal waters, and the timeless atmosphere of the wellness centre are the best treatment for body and soul. Our SPA is a dreamy retreat, immersed in nature, offering total relaxation and wellbeing.

SPA Treatments


The curative magic of the Mediterranean for mind and body


"I listen to the earth, I follow my emotions,
cooking for me is an act of freedom""

Signum Restaurant


Our kitchen is a treasure house, of garden products and ancient grains, extra-virgin oil, the local fish catch and the best meats, so many excellent delicacies of Salina and Sicily. A special setting, enchanting at any time of year, to give yourself the tasting opportunities offered by the chef, Martina Caruso.


The Restaurant

Signum Bar

The Cellar

Great terroirs, and life stories, for the best sensory experience