Signum Bar

A lounge bar facing a unique panorama

By the side of the pool, or looking at the spectacular sunsets, or under the stars, you can enjoy drinks and specialty cocktails. Raffaele, professional and passionate mixologist, creates small original masterpieces with herbs and fruits taken from the luxuriant garden, green heart of the Signum.

Sips with pure Aeolian taste, which contain all the scents and colors of the surrounding nature. From those made from hazelnut and elderberry flowers to the spicy or citrusy ones, the bar's menu offers Mediterranean delights to sip, which can also become gourmet specialties combined with the taste routes offered by the chef Martina.

Signum Mixology


There is a small paradise where the essence of the Mediterranean is a gift of the sea breezes, of the flavors of the land and of the smiles of those who welcome you. Here you can regain your time and your space, the joy of living and enjoy the warmth of home to take always in your heart.


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Hotel Signum di Clara Rametta - P. IVA 01249160837 - Salina, Via Scalo, 15 - 98050 Malfa (ME)
Tel +39 090 984 42 22 | Email