These exclusive relaxing baths include treatments based on almond milk, or essential oils, or else within an antique-style salt bed.

The treatment based on almond milk or essential oils consists of a bath in a copper basin from the 1800s, together with a peaceful, aromatic face massage.

The Salt Bed is unique of its kind, for its ability to offer relaxation as well as all the benefits of halotherapy. Entirely natural, it is rich in natural crystals with a very high, bio-energetic value. The salt contains all the minerals and trace elements needed for the human organism.

Almond Milk Bath

Rich in mineral salts and minerals, acts on the skin with a calming, emollient and anti-depressive action. min 30'
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Bath with essential oils

bath with essential oils, rich in many important properties. Can be relaxing, draining or energising. min 30'
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Salt Bed

It can provide a fabulous state of complete relaxation. Completely immersed in salt, with a head and face massage. min 30' - 50'
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