At Signum originality and research become the highest expression of Eolian cuisine

Signum Restaurant

A delight of flavors and atmosphere, this is the formula of our flagship restaurant of the house. It consists of three beautiful areas: the covered terrace with sea view overlooking Panarea and Stromboli; the lovely garden veranda hosting customers in the Spring and Autumn Period, and the bar on before and after dinner. A special setting for the tasting opportunities offered by chef Martina Caruso. Every detail, starting with the service, is designed to make the meal an unforgettable moment.

The island's agro-food heritage is the protagonist of the menu. The dishes, interpreted with elegance and originality, enclose all the beauty and history of Salina. They vary from season to season, small works of art and taste that enhance the freshness of the ingredients and reveal a great search that starts from tradition.

The restaurant, which is active during the opening hours of the Hotel, also welcomes guests not sleeping at the hotel.

Martina Caruso

Martina is the young talent of the Aeolian culinary scene, acclaimed by critics and awarded with a star from the Michelin Guide as one of the top performers of high cuisine and in 2019 received the Michelin Guide award in collaboration with Veuve Clicquot as the best female chef of the year. Dreamer, passionate, scholar, expresses an innovative style, full of impetus that contemplates lightness, creative flair and mastery of technique.

Small pieces of art that reflect the variation of seasons, enhance the authenticity of raw materials and reveal a great search that starts from tradition. Martina's cuisine is a continuous evolution that never ceases to surprise.

The Kitchen

"I listen to the territory,
I follow the emotions,
for me cooking is an act of freedom"

Signum Wine Cellar

From the treasures of the vegetable garden to the ancient grains, from the extra virgin olive oil to the local fish at the best meats, in the kitchen we keep so many little excellence in Salina and Sicily.


Signum Bar