Salina is well-known as the green island. Its mountains, two now extinct volcanic cones, form a nature reserve covering an area of 1521 hectares. The island is the ideal place for hiking activities. The paths which wind through the countryside and over the mountains provide inspiring journeys to take either on foot or on bicycle.

Monte Fossa delle Felci, 962 metres high, is the tallest point in the archipelago. On its slopes you can admire luxuriant shrubs of the Mediterranean countryside, such as broom, arbutus and honeysuckle. Towards the top, there are pine trees, oaks centuries-old, holm oaks and chestnut. In the spring, the crater is covered with a carpet of ferns, from where the name of the mountain, Felci, comes. Monte Porri, around 860 metres high, is much wilder, and with little vegetation except for small bushes, through which the volcanic rocks forming the slopes can be seen. The entire surface of both mountains can be explored on the paths which wind around them, ideal for birdwatchers and all those wanting to be captured by the island’s beautiful colours and perfumes.

The hilly and flat lands, where the inhabited centres are found, still today are home to the vineyards. The Malvasia vines grow among the houses, and along the streets are countless caper plants, which entrance passers-by with the beauty of their flowers.