“The cellar is a place to experience at the Signum. We have built it up, over time and with love, to make it a small, welcoming place ready for you to visit”.

The Signum cellar contains the most inspiring and prestigious worlds of wine. Journeys through vineyards, winemaking projects and small producers, life stories bottled by the big firms, thousands of labels intended to provide the best sensory experience every time, from the aperitif, to wine-pairings with the restaurant dishes, through to the post-dining meditation.

The construction of this cellar is an ambitious, on-going project, the result of work begun 20 years ago, under the personal guidance of Luca Caruso, Head and Manager of the Hotel. All the bottles are carefully selected and chosen over time, recalling moments, people and stories. A close, considered selection of more than 1200 labels, which have the onus and honour of accompanying the dishes offered by a Michelin-starred chef, providing a matching quality level in the wine.

This broad selection focuses on the Mediterranean and its multiple expressions, starting from the rich seductiveness of the wine-making heritage of Salina and the Aeolian region. There is a strong link between some of the Sicilian wines stored in the cellar for a long time and the sparkling wines, one of Luca Caruso's passions. The Signum's wine list therefore offers a triumphant range of Italian spumanti, in their most important expressions, with the major Champagnes and the small houses. There are many excellent labels from Tuscany, Piedmont and the rest of Italy. The excellent range is completed with the renowned terroirs of France and the rest of the world. Not to mention the icons of the wine scene, and the vintages most often listed, which can also be tasted by the glass.

Luca Caruso


Head and Manager of the Signum

As well as managing the hotel, Luca Caruso is also personally in charge of the reception to the house. He guides the sommelier department and is the creator of one of the most interesting wine lists in all Sicily. Currently, he represents northwest Sicily with the Noi di Sala association, whose aim since 2012 has been to promote the identity of hotel hospitality and service.

His hospitality experience is his natural calling. Growing up in the Signum, which was opened by his parents during his childhood, at age 23 he began as manager of the various aspects of this complex undertaking. After a very short time, he began to aspire to raise his parents’ ambitious project to an even higher level, also giving a substantial impetus to the restaurant, together with his sister Martina Caruso, soon after taking over the reins of the business with her.

His work is one of study, research and planning. The passion for detail, and devotion to management of the working team have allowed them to create the best possible ambiance and team for the Signum. For him, the welcome is a mix of service and the human touch, where people make the difference with a the right attitude of mind, and great professionalism. His mission is to create a real atmosphere of Sicilian hospitality, where the guest feels completely at ease, enjoying excellent service, with the feeling of being at home.