“I think that cooking unites people, flavours and cultures. I need to dare, experiment, looking beyond and taking courage: Persist and Resist”

Martina Caruso’s cooking is of “earth and sea”, standing out for the freshness and lightness of the raw materials, for its creative leaps and technical mastery.
A simple, refined cookery, focused on vegetables and local fish, formed of Mediterranean flavours and enhanced by technical skill and innovation, astounding and mouth-watering at the same time.

For the Chef, deeply committed to her island and to all the Sicilian region, cooking has always been emotionally joyful, an act of freedom, the best form of self-expression, inclusive of cultural influences and benefits from other regions, as a vital basis for sourcing new ideas and new keys to understanding. Through her kitchen, Martina Caruso wants to support and promote small local producers, reinterpreting Aeolian raw materials in her inspired, intelligent and masterful way, highlighting the typical flavours, scents and products. From these principles, come dishes such as Salina caper ice cream or bagna cauda with raw sea urchin.

Traditional products, with high artisan content, the most authentic way for us to describe the Mediterranean flavours.

From breakfast, to a light lunch, on to the gourmet courses, a meal at the Signum becomes a journey of discovery around the island, offering an unforgettable sensory experience.


SIGNUM Kitchen

Discover all the dishes symbolic of Martina Caruso. Creations from a kitchen which forms a laboratory of her Sicilian nature, from the flavours of the Mediterranean region. A playful, creative cookery, formed of contrasting flavours and textures, simple and full of the influences which form the Sicilian story of encounters.

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