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Signum Restaurant
A taste of a gastronomic experience in the restaurant led by Martina Caruso, Michelin star chef.
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Gourmet Restaurant

Martina Caruso’s offer

The Hotel Signum’s Restaurant and Martina Caruso's Gourmet menu.
A selection of top-class dishes and recipes, offering the perfumes, flavours and colours of Aeolian cuisine
interpreted by the young, Michelin-starred chef Martina Caruso, winner of the Veuve Clicquot prize 2019 for best female chef.

Gourmet menu

the gourmet itineraries all start with:
- Welcome to the kitchen
- Bagnacauda with raw sea urchins
- Lemon granita, parsley and red pepper

Il Sigillo / Nine dishes

- Amberjack carpaccio, anchovy garum, herb oil
- Salina red prawn, Bloody Mary, fruit, and salted lemon
- Smoked mackarel, pomegranate, caper leaves and mint
- Barbeque breaded scabbard fish, almonds, and “leche di tigre”  /or /  Grilled rabbit with mushrooms and sea fennel

- Linguine with almond milk and clams
- Octopus fagottino (homemade pasta), nduja, potatoes, lemon and black olives

- Seared alalunga tuna, eggplant, and basil
- Red mullet 5.0 / or / Nebrodi black piglet

  Capers of Salina ice cream
- Lemon meringue tart / or / Bread and chocolate
  Small pastries
€ 190,00Button Text

Oltremare / Seven dishes

- Moray eel 3.0*
*dish available only in the tasting menus
- Swordfish tataki, grapefruit and sesame

- Spaghetti with anchovies and fennel
- Ravioli in chicken broth, red prawns and black truffel  / or /  Mezzi paccheri with squid ink, #tumapersa and crispy beet

- Snapper, marinated lettuce, orange and anchovies
- Amberjack, chicory, lemon and potatoes  / or /  Lobster with vegetables and mayonnaise laquered 'al Marsala and apples (+ 15 euro)

  Capers of Salina ice cream
- Ricotta from Vulcano, dried fruit and citrus  / or /  Prickly pear and honey couscous
  Small pastries
€ 170,00Button Text

Radici / Six dishes

- Grilled carrot, girgentana goat  robiola cheese and coffee*
*dish available only in the tasting menus
- Bread soup and marinated zucchini

- Vegetable “umami” lasagna

- Fried eggplant, tomatoes and basil
- Grilled escarole, yogurt, pine nuts, and capers

  Capers of Salina ice cream 
- L’orto   
  Small pastries
€ 150,00Button Text


The menu can be subject to changes, based on seasonality of ingredients and in correlation with the availability of the market. The preparation of some of our dishes may foresee the use of  natural food additives. In compliance with legal requirements, fish intended to be eaten raw had undergone prior reclamation treatment. It may also have been kept at negative temperatures (≤-20°C per 24 ore/≤-35°C per 15 ore) and undergone freezing treatment. Food may have undergone freezing treatment according to Regulation (CE 853/04). If you happen to have any food allergies and/or intolerances, ask our staff who will provide you with adequate information about our food and beverages..


from the tasting menus it is possible to freely choose:
2 dishes per person, excluding dessert
€ 90,00Button Text
3 dishes per person, excluding dessert
€ 130,00Button Text
A la carte desserts
€ 24,00Button Text
Selection of sicilian cheeses
€ 22,00Button Text
For reservations over 4 people a tasting menu will be served for the entire table: due to the complexity of the menus, it will not be possible to choose a la carte.
€ 5,00Button Text
Service charge
€ 5,00Button Text


Explore our offers, and prepare to experience the true essence of the Mediterranean. At Signum, you’ll find your own time and space, the joy of living and the joys of the table, and a warm, homely, heart-felt welcome.


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