The family

Signum is a story of a family, is home

A dream born in 1988 when Clara Rametta and Michele Caruso decided to renovate some old houses that would become the first rooms of the hotel. A family reality designed to be shared, in which the guest have to feel at home.

Who participates in the Signum project become, first of all, a member of this family.

The union is our first value that every day gives strength and meaning to this way of doing hospitality. The Signum is a reality handed down from parents to children. Luca and Martina were able to enrich this vision with their contribution in the construction of this strong reality.


There is a small paradise where the essence of the Mediterranean is a gift of the sea breezes, of the flavors of the land and of the smiles of those who welcome you. Here you can regain your time and your space, the joy of living and enjoy the warmth of home to take always in your heart.


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