Contact with the authentic: this sums up the Signum philosophy. Finding the proper time, in a place which moves with nature’s rhythm, is for us what happiness means. Everything must be done so that your stay here becomes a chance to regenerate all the senses.

The welcome and the Sicilian warmth then do the rest, creating the conditions for feeling pampered at every moment, to enjoy real comfort, even far from home. The Signum is that magic, that return to the roots, which we are all seeking.

For us ‘home’ is not a place, nor a word or a concept, it is a value. Our staff help the guests, with a smile and with great professionalism, from booking to check out, passing on their deep love for the island itself.

Anyone at Signum should feel completely at ease, free to enjoy the vacation in a welcoming, warm setting, which feels like home. For this, all the staff are available, every day, discreet as ever, to ensure complete comfort all the time.