The place where you can enjoy, form skilled practitioners aesthetic treatments, massages and real "beauty rituals". With all-natural cosmeic which are innovative even in the method of their preservation. In a perfect belance between nature and beauty we have created exclusive treatments which are insireb by the folk tradition of the Eolian Island.

Prickly Pear
Tonic and Moisturizing

The refreshing and soothing property attains an immediate relaxation of the skin, gently lifting wrinkles. min 50'
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Renvigorating anti-aging

Rich in anti-oxidant this sweet wine, typical of the Island of Salina, has been udes for the first time in a variety of anti-aging treatments. min 50'
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Anticellulite Tonic

Utilises the elements of the plant to exfoliate, detox and tone up. giving the skin softness and shine. min 50'
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Bitter Orange (Neroli)
Balancing anti-stress

In aromatherapy Neroli is the anti-depressant. It is indicated for dull and tired skin. Ideal for sensitive skin min 90'
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