Our hands-on for vitality beauty relaxation, pleasure, a healty looking skin and calm mind.

Aromatherapy Massage

It is suited to each client personal needs. Essential oils act directly on the nervous system. min 50'
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Signum Special

the experience of personalized aromatherapy based on the specific needs of the client. Made unique by choosing the essences based on Salina caper, prickly pear, bitter orange, lemon and grapefruit and malvasia to combine the unique properties of the raw material of Salina with the most refined handling techniques.min 80'
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Salina Massage

Vitality is the awesome result of the Salina Massage. Tones up, heals, helps to eliminate water reention. min 50'
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Anticellulite Massage

Stimulates the circulatry and lymphatic systems and reactivates blood microcirculation. min 50'
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Antistress Massage

Helps to restore contact with ones body reaching a state of deep psychological and physical well-being. min 50'
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Lymphatic Massage

Helps the lymphatic veins, stimulate lymph flow and removes oedema and toxic substances from yoyr body. min 50'
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Hot Stone Massage

The therapeutic action can be reached using basaltic and volcanic stones.min 50'
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Candle Massage

A massage that combines all the 5 senses. It is recomended for anyone who needs to relax their body, mind and soul. min 50'
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energy balance massage that combines different acupressure techniques and massage techniques including Reiki and Kum-nye, to find harmony between body, mind and spirit. min 80'
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relaxing massage dedicated to the care of the head, hands and feet. By stimulating the extremities of the body a particularly relaxing effect is obtained. min 50'
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