Our hands-on for vitality beauty relaxation, pleasure, a healty looking skin and calm mind.

Aromatherapy Massage

It is suited to each client personal needs. Essential oils act directly on the nervous system. min 50'
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Salina Massage

Vitality is the awesome result of the Salina Massage. Tones up, heals, helps to eliminate water reention. min 50'
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Classic Massage

Massage to eliminate fatigue and stress through energetic movement and deeo tissue massage. min 50'
€ 90,00Button Text

Anticellulite Massage

Stimulates the circulatry and lymphatic systems and reactivates blood microcirculation. min 50'
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Antistress Massage

Helps to restore contact with ones body reaching a state of deep psychological and physical well-being. min 50'
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Lymphatic Massage

Helps the lymphatic veins, stimulate lymph flow and removes oedema and toxic substances from yoyr body. min 50'
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Hot Stone Massage

The therapeutic action can be reached using basaltic and volcanic stones.min 50'
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Candle Massage

A massage that combines all the 5 senses. It is recomended for anyone who needs to relax their body, mind and soul. min 50'
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Ayurvedic - Abyangam

This form of massage with warm oil realise the body forom toxins, increase energy and lymphatic flow. min 50'
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Ayurvedic - Kerala

Is a complete body massage plus 20 minutes of head massage. It increase he relaxing effects. min 70'
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Ayurvedic - Udvartana

A peeling all over your body performed with vigorous movements. It purifys and stimulates the whole circolatory system. min 50'
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