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From the skin to the heart

All round manual technique for vitality, beauty, relaxation and pleasure. Signum's exclusive massages remove stress, make the skin visibly healthier and the mind calmer.

Reactivate your energy points, and discover the benefits of Salina's natural essences to get back in touch with yourself. Regenerate yourself, choosing the massage which best suits your state of mind and body.

The ancient oriental techniques, or the more modern methods, will give you true moments of relaxation and an effective cure for body and mind. Signum’s aromatic oils work directly on the whole nervous system, as they are absorbed through the skin and the olfactory route.

Signum Massage

Total body massage, with all-over, relaxing techniques, using exclusive Signum oils with various perfumes and therapeutic properties.min 50'/80'
€ 100 - 150 €,00Button Text

Salina Massage

Massage, body treatment and sensory experience. A massage with application of a mix of olive oil, honey, fresh capers and salt. With draining properties, healing, anti-cellulite, exfoliating and hydrating at the same time, making the skin soft and glowing.min 45'
€ 110,00Button Text

Salina Massage

Vitality is the awesome result of the Salina Massage. Tones up, heals, helps to eliminate water reention. min 50'
€ 110,00Button Text

Massage with Almonds

Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, it acts on the skin with a calming, emollient and elasticising effect. A sensory massage with natural peeling, also recommended for delicate skin. min 45'
€ 110,00Button Text

Land and Sky Massage

A treatment in which only the body’s extremities are massaged: head, hands and feet for a deeply relaxing effect. min 45'
€ 85,00Button Text

Energy Re-balance

Massage for energy re-balance, which combines various pressure point and massage techniques to recover harmony between body, mind and spirit. min 80'
€ 130,00Button Text

Contraction relieving Massage

Energy massage, mainly concentrating on the back, helping to unlock contractures and reduce muscle pain and tension. min 50'
€ 120,00Button Text

Anti-cellulite Massage

Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, reactivating total micro-circulation: draining, slimming and detox effect. min 50'
€ 90,00Button Text

Anti-stress Massage

Helps to restore contact with your own body, encouraging a state of deep, psycho-physical wellbeing. min 50'
€ 85,00Button Text

Lymph-draining Massage

Acts on lymphatic vessels, encouraging drainage, helping to eliminate oedema and fluid stagnation. min 50'
€ 100,00Button Text

Hot Stone Massage

Application and massage with hot volcanic stones on the body generates a psycho-physical relaxation effect, thanks to the heat of these basalt rocks.min 50'
€ 90,00Button Text

Candle Massage

Multi-sensory massage, able to relax the body, as well as the spirit and the psyche with the pleasant sensation of warmth from the melted oils of the candle. min 50'
€ 90,00Button Text

Holistic Face Massage

Massage of face and the skin of the head, for deep relaxation, and to destress the skin. min 20'
€ 40,00Button Text

Foot Massage

Holistic foot massage, which stimulates well-being of the whole body. min 45'
€ 85,00Button Text

Partial Massage

Relaxing massage of back, neck and head. min 20'
€ 40,00Button Text


Explore our offers, and prepare to experience the true essence of the Mediterranean. At Signum, you’ll find your own time and space, the joy of living and the joys of the table, and a warm, homely, heart-felt welcome.


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