The charm of the ancient Eolian house and the modern design

Quality is one of the main values ​​of our vision, a condition that must always be placed before everything else.

Quality is in every element that compose our home. The Mediterranean atmosphere of the Signum is the result of a skilful renovation that harmonizes the charm of the ancient aeolian house with elements of vintage and modern design. Everything is bounded to the territory, bringing back the authentic beauty of the rooms.

Every room is personalized by original and unique furnishing elements recovered from the best antique dealers, fabrics and materials of the highest quality sought after by our.

Every detail is referred to nature and the surrounding colors: the original majolicas of the floors, the hand-embroidered curtains or the bright coverings that adorn the bathrooms. Each element came from a work of recovery, selection and design that has brought to light the original beauty of the structure and has been conducted to respect the unique identity of this place.


There is a small paradise where the essence of the Mediterranean is a gift of the sea breezes, of the flavors of the land and of the smiles of those who welcome you. Here you can regain your time and your space, the joy of living and enjoy the warmth of home to take always in your heart.


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Let know the magic of the Signum - Charming Boutique Hotel - Wellness Center & Restaurant - Salina.


Hotel Signum di Clara Rametta - P. IVA 01249160837 - Salina, Via Scalo, 15 - 98050 Malfa (ME)
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